Australian Mortgage Calculators

Property investment is one of the most secure investments an individual can make. The following Australian mortgage calculators are perfect for those individuals  looking to invest or purchase owner occupied property in Australia. They were specifically designed to help you understand their personal financial commitment when investing in a property in Australia. These calculators will help you not only determine how much you can afford when shopping for a property, but also understand the different effects of items such as additional payments and fixed versus interest only notes.

We have added a new calculator.  Our Australian Fees calculator helps determine the government fees and charges associated with purchasing an owner occupied property purchase in Australia.  Click here to use it.

Australian Mortgage Loan Calculator

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The Loan Calculator was designed to help property investors you determine how much interest and principle will be paid on a traditional fixed rate home loan, as well as the impact of any extra payments made to the note. By making additional payments, either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly mortgagees can significantly affect the duration of their note. Loan calculator

Australian Mortgage Payoff Calculator

The Mortgage Payoff Calculator was designed to help investors specifically determine the effects of additional payments made to the note, to determine how many years it will take to pay off a mortgage. Again, by making additional payments, above and beyond the minimum required by the bank, a note can be paid off months, if not years earlier than scheduled. Click here to access the Mortgage Payoff Calculator.

Fixed vs. Interest Calculator

The Fixed vs. Interest Only Calculator demonstrates the difference, financially, between these two different types of mortgage rates. A fixed rate mortgage, on your Australian investment, will have the same payment for the life of the note, with payments being applied to both principle and interest. In contrast, an interest only mortgage has payments that only cover interest, therefore the principal remains the same, and must eventually be paid in full or refinanced. The benefits of an interest only mortgage include a lower monthly payment, allowing UK investors to afford a larger mortgage and allowing them to make additional payments to the principle, when their budget allows. Fixed vs. Interest Calculator

Other Calculators
Refer to various banks’ advertised interest rates then input bank interest rates in these calculators. (interest rate in calculator is not indicative at all)

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